Project Details


Quest for 3d is project done in my spare time to recreate parts of Quest for Glory 1 VGA and Quest for Glory 2 in 3d, using the Unreal Development Kit. My goal is to be able to walk around and experience Glorianna from a first person perspective. I plan on adding loose interactivity, and hopefully some characters, but this is NOT a complete 3d re-envisioning of the Quest for Glory games. I am not a programmer, and could never hope to get in all the wonderful design details and gameplay from the original games.  I am however, a 3d Artist and so will try to create a world no longer limited to the few screens present in Quest for Glory.  Thank you for viewing!


2 thoughts on “Project Details

  1. Will you be able to travel from Spielburg to Shapier via carpet or will they be separate? I think a lot of amazing-ness could be had by having them all connected. Just have a quick flying carpet into the clouds cutscene to teleport back and forth!

  2. I think what you’re doing is amazing and it looks brilliant you’ve got the colour and the lighting just right.

    I think if there was ever a series which would look great as and FPS RPG it would be Quest For Glory.

    You never know my friend you could be paving the way for those game to exist, if you let programmers add all the interactions and sound ect.

    Keep up the good work

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