Here is a walkthrough of the town in its current state. More to come!


2 thoughts on “Video

  1. My god man, that was surreal. You don’t know how many times I’ve tried to get into the sheriffs office; despite getting arrested, I didn’t get to see it! Might we even see the Barber shop at long last? Anyway, really nice attention to detail.

    Even if you’re not a programmer, and don’t know how to make this into a remake of the game, would you consider hiring people with those kind of skills? Or, as an alternative, it could be a different kind of game; set in Spielburg’s future/past (some time with fewer monsters), but make something more along the lines of Myst. Maybe just wandering about, talking to the characters, playing Go-Fish at the bar, Mages Maze with Erasmus (You’re going to build the entire Mount Zauberburg, aren’t you?), would be cool.

    Or, you could always load it into Unreal so players can paint the town red, some might find that worthwhile, but not I, for long.

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