Small Update

Hey guys,

Sorry for the lack of updates recently…


Here is a WIP of the first floor of the Adventurer’s Guild Hall. Because of crazy proportions on the interior vs exterior, I decided to drastically increase the height of the building to allow for the height seen on the inside view, as well as allow for a second floor for adventurers to rest. This one is going to take a bit more time, due to the custom tapestries, weapons, armor, and 8 stuffed heads (visible) and a few more hidden things that I’ll make to fill up the hall. I am excited for this one!

Also, because I feel bad for taking so long to post, here is another view of the Old Lady’s house from above. Ha, I really am going to have to make some more paintings to fill these houses so I stop using that same Speilburg Valley image from the game.





7 thoughts on “Small Update

  1. I just stumbled across this. I absolutely love QFG and had all three versions. Very happy to see this land I loved with an update. Once complete would you release it at all, I’d love to explore with the Vive. Either way I really enjoyed just seeing the screen shots

  2. I got revitalized with the recent humble bundle, and searched for you online to see if you continued working from way back when you showed me screenshots of Erana’s Peace, I’m so happy you’re continuing!! Sorry I wasn’t able to help back then, life stuff got in the way.

  3. I love seeing updates on this project! The art is very attractive and suits the game perfectly. Keep at it. I’d love to walk around the world one day.

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