Thieves Guild

Hello all! Sorry about the delay, but I felt like expanding a bit into more unknown territory. Here is the Thieves Guild from the game, followed by shots from Unreal:


I’d be careful, it looks like the Guildmaster has been winning lately.

So… what’s old Boris up to behind the iron door? Well… probably counting the coin from a certain blonde adventurer buying the Acme Thief Tool Kit for 100 silvers!




There is a lot of empty sacks, as the brigands have stifled profits!

In other news, I played with the bar lighting a bit more. the other one was too flat. It still needs more work, but I’ll post the progress here:


Not sure where to go next. The Adventurer’s Guild has all those creatures on the wall and the suit of armor, which means a lot of sculpting fun, but also a lot of work. Maybe the sheriff’s house? Dry Goods store? Barber? There actually is not much left of the places shown in the game. So that’s good at least.


4 thoughts on “Thieves Guild

  1. Brilliant what you’ve done with the unknown room in the back, really expands things in a fun way! Totally captures the atmosphere of the thieves guild

    Would love to see the Adventurer’s Guild next. But always wondered what was in the Barbershop and Butcher shop 😉

    So cool that you’ve added day/night cycles as well

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