Minor Update

I normally post Sunday, and I am very close to finishing the Thieves Guild, but I thought I would just post a random other perspective of the main entrance. I enjoy how overgrown the wall feels, even though it isn’t exactly safe.


I’ll post the Thieves Guild when I can… Then… to the next building!


7 thoughts on “Minor Update

  1. Well I have the whole world blocked out. So the plans are currently to finish every part of the Valley. Somewhere in there I’d like to have a download available. Then I was thinking about doing the townsfolk. After that… who knows. I’ve learned the hard way about how far fan art can really go, sadly. I’m one C&D from stopping work on this project.

    • I hope that despite the C&D your other project will ‘accidentally’ make its way out into the world one day, it was one of the most amazing things I’ve EVER seen on the internet, and I’ve seen a lot! As for this project you don’t have to worry about a C&D as there’s a ton of QFG fan projects out there and not one has ever been stopped by Activision. Mainly because none of them asked for money and QFG is so old. As long as you don’t ask for money they should leave you be.

  2. Once the world and townsfolk are finished this needs a Kickstarter campaign to make it a complete game. I’d drop some money for it :-]

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