You can reach me at  questfor3d (at.) gmail


10 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hello. This is the second time I try to get in touch with you. The first time I offered, but didn’t show, my Silmaria model in exchange for your Spielburg. Hence, this time, I figured I would show it: Hopefully I can persuade you to exchange. I am a programmer, not a modeller, so I will be able to use your model in potentially fun ways. Either way, good luck finishing this!

    • An exchange doesn’t seem fair if he’s done most of the work. Why not just send him the model? I would like it if this project was in a public repository.. but the risk of people bastard-izing his work would be high too which no fan wants.

      • Quality aside, I’m not sure how it can be said that he’s done most of the work: he did Spielburg, I’m offering Silmaria. But I’ve also offered to buy the model, as well as share characters (I have some great Katta–fur and all–as well as liontaurs).

  2. amazing, alot of people would like to see this completed. please post what you need so that we can help… money ? staff ?

  3. Btw, I’ve emailed him back and 2017 and didn’t get a response, I’m not sure if he checks that email anymore.
    Maybe a few of us can pick up the mantle and redo the project as would be protected under fair use as a derivative work?
    Or go as far as ask Sierra for a license for a commercial venture if enough of us could contribute?

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