You can reach me at  questfor3d (at.) gmail


6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hello. This is the second time I try to get in touch with you. The first time I offered, but didn’t show, my Silmaria model in exchange for your Spielburg. Hence, this time, I figured I would show it: Hopefully I can persuade you to exchange. I am a programmer, not a modeller, so I will be able to use your model in potentially fun ways. Either way, good luck finishing this!

    • An exchange doesn’t seem fair if he’s done most of the work. Why not just send him the model? I would like it if this project was in a public repository.. but the risk of people bastard-izing his work would be high too which no fan wants.

      • Quality aside, I’m not sure how it can be said that he’s done most of the work: he did Spielburg, I’m offering Silmaria. But I’ve also offered to buy the model, as well as share characters (I have some great Katta–fur and all–as well as liontaurs).

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