I cleaned out the old Unreal 3 images, and replaced them with images from the new Unreal 4 engine, including a few new screenshots.


I have added some originals for comparison. I am closer to the look, but with a little work…







Inn room:


And then the interior of the Sheriff’s office, from the main entrance:


Facing the jail:


Outside the 1st floor small window:


Upstairs living area:


Healer’s Hut in-game:




Magic Shop in-game:





The white flecks in the images are snowflakes blowing out of the magical portal.

There is some more to show, and a lot more to do, so check back!


11 thoughts on “Images

  1. Gorgeous. I have seen this in my head many times in my life, whilst contemplating how, in my mind, Quest for Glory paved the way for games like The Elder Scrolls series, which, with it’s fourth and fifth installments, in some ways, finally caught up in the “adventure” department. In my head, I saw a version of Quest for Glory redone in 3D similar to Oblivion/Skyrim but keeping the tight, focused setting of Quest for Glory, increasing the interaction with that focused setting and the characters.

    My wildest imaginations were close, but they were not as good as this. šŸ™‚ Really well done.

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  3. The healer’s hut and surrounding town area look fantastic.. I guess the unreal 3 engine does a pretty decent job with it all.

    I didn’t know you could go inside the Sheriff’s Office/house?? If you’ve added new content it really fits well and expands the original game world. Nothing wrong with that šŸ˜‰

    Also noticed that you removed the Magic Shop pics. I don’t think I ever commented but they were very nice as well. Brings back some good memories šŸ™‚

    • Joel,

      Everything is in Unreal 4 now. I am not trying to do anything with photorealistic textures or ultra-dirty, grimy looking realism. I have added new content, and will continue to do so with every building in the game, including the castle, mage house, brigand fortress, and anything else I couldn’t go into when I played the original. Thanks for the feedback, I’ll put the magic shop back in this list.

      • Woohooo šŸ˜ŽšŸ˜„

        Yeah, good artistic call there Jason, ultra photo realism would not enhance this game world at all. Good to keep it whimsical looking, without being too carton like. I’m just glad you’re using unreal 4 Hello VR!!!

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