Small Update

Hey guys,

Sorry for the lack of updates recently…


Here is a WIP of the first floor of the Adventurer’s Guild Hall. Because of crazy proportions on the interior vs exterior, I decided to drastically increase the height of the building to allow for the height seen on the inside view, as well as allow for a second floor for adventurers to rest. This one is going to take a bit more time, due to the custom tapestries, weapons, armor, and 8 stuffed heads (visible) and a few more hidden things that I’ll make to fill up the hall. I am excited for this one!

Also, because I feel bad for taking so long to post, here is another view of the Old Lady’s house from above. Ha, I really am going to have to make some more paintings to fill these houses so I stop using that same Speilburg Valley image from the game.





Thieves Guild

Hello all! Sorry about the delay, but I felt like expanding a bit into more unknown territory. Here is the Thieves Guild from the game, followed by shots from Unreal:


I’d be careful, it looks like the Guildmaster has been winning lately.

So… what’s old Boris up to behind the iron door? Well… probably counting the coin from a certain blonde adventurer buying the Acme Thief Tool Kit for 100 silvers!




There is a lot of empty sacks, as the brigands have stifled profits!

In other news, I played with the bar lighting a bit more. the other one was too flat. It still needs more work, but I’ll post the progress here:


Not sure where to go next. The Adventurer’s Guild has all those creatures on the wall and the suit of armor, which means a lot of sculpting fun, but also a lot of work. Maybe the sheriff’s house? Dry Goods store? Barber? There actually is not much left of the places shown in the game. So that’s good at least.

Minor Update

I normally post Sunday, and I am very close to finishing the Thieves Guild, but I thought I would just post a random other perspective of the main entrance. I enjoy how overgrown the wall feels, even though it isn’t exactly safe.


I’ll post the Thieves Guild when I can… Then… to the next building!


Here are a few pics of the bar. I consider this a bit WIP still, as the lighting will be difficult to nail down in the interior for the day/night cycle.




This is one of the places in QFG that looks empty to me without the people. I will try and add some more seedy looking entertainment / pictures / seating in there. I plan on replacing the fireplace with the coals from the Dry Goods Store. Regardless of the apparent emptiness, I am looking forward to the thieves den.

Thank you for your feedback on the layout of the town. I will be adjusting it slightly to allow for a type of town square with a well. It will appear worn down, as I want to keep up the appearance of a village in its twilight years. I will do this after I have finished the in-game areas around the town. (So many things to make in the Dry Goods store!)



Village Questions

Greetings! I know not many people check in here, but to those that do, I am questioning the layout of the town. I have seen maps drawn out as I have laid it out, and I had always pictured it this way in my head when I played the game. However, I have come across an image that Sierra used as promotional art for the world (The lake is on the wrong side), and now I don’t know what to believe!



What is the correct layout? Circular? With most of the town in a C shape?

Or square as I have created it. The square method will work better with the tile set, but after seeing that image, I am not so sure. Also, as always, this is a WIP.¬† I plan on making unique buildings that wrap around near the bar and towards the Adventure Guild’s training area.



Old Lady’s House


Ninja update: The old lady’s house! I had to reposition¬† the door leading to the second story to work better with the house layout. In the exterior view, I don’t count the building to the left of her house as part of her building. So I rotated her bedroom door 90 degrees. Per usual, the proportions of everything on the inside in relation to the outside was way off, so I slid furniture around to fit.¬† More info soon!


From the game:


Images page updated

I have added new content to the Images page. The old images have been removed and replaced with updated versions. Check them out!




The last one is looking towards the blocked mountain pass.