Village Questions

Greetings! I know not many people check in here, but to those that do, I am questioning the layout of the town. I have seen maps drawn out as I have laid it out, and I had always pictured it this way in my head when I played the game. However, I have come across an image that Sierra used as promotional art for the world (The lake is on the wrong side), and now I don’t know what to believe!



What is the correct layout? Circular? With most of the town in a C shape?

Or square as I have created it. The square method will work better with the tile set, but after seeing that image, I am not so sure. Also, as always, this is a WIP.  I plan on making unique buildings that wrap around near the bar and towards the Adventure Guild’s training area.




7 thoughts on “Village Questions

  1. I would say that it is easier to build and defend a somewhat rounder wall. Maybe make it somewhat between yours and theirs.

    Maybe you could add some towerlike intersections (like in Serria pic) to make it looks more like a wall and less line a fence/fold/enclusure.

    Also it should not have so much free space. I think it should be crowded with sheds, crofts, cottages and houses. As most would like to be inside the wall not outside (except for the healer that smells and is scary :p).

    It should be a town, not just a few houses like a bigger farm. Else how could they afford a castle with it?

    You should not have that many trees near the wall, else the wall would not help much as you can climb inside easily everywhere. Also no good with blocked view if you want to see the attackers.

    Anyway super good work. I love it. Can we help more somehow?

  2. Blackthorne recognized the picture. It’s not “official” Sierra artwork; it’s actually a bit of promotional art made for Lori and Corey Cole’s “Hero-U” Kickstarter game — and it appears to be a somewhat broad artistic interpretation of Spielburg’s layout. ;^)

    Here is the original:

    The “square village”, as you currently have it, is accurate to both versions of HQ/QFG1 — EGA & VGA. Just don’t forget Heinrich the Centaur’s garden on the other side of the North Village wall !

    So glad you are continuing this project. Keep up the amazing work, and we can’t wait to see more! :^)

    • Oh nice! I didn’t know where that had come from. Thank you for posting that. I won’t forget about the garden, I just hadn’t blocked it in yet, heh. 🙂

  3. I agree with square, in my birds view/minds eye this seems correct. To reduce the space you could move the south wall up a bit???

    You could also add the board with the bulls eye that you could throw rocks/knifes at along the outside of the south wall

  4. If you look at this shot.. there appears to be another building made out of stone & brick next to and sort of inbetween the granny house and hero guild where you currently just have a tree. I think there’s even a little 2nd story window on it too. then if you look past that place there’s a green field and then a whole lot of blurred orange/brown/grey stuff that seems to be more buildings and not the wall. When I contacted Corey Cole about the QFG4 town size he said it was much bigger than what was shown in the game so it would surprise me if the QFG1 town was a bit bigger than what we saw too.

    PS my comment above posted 4/4/16 still has “Your comment is awaiting moderation” on it lol.

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