Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption

Lori and Corey Cole, the wonderful creators behind the Quest for Glory series are at it again! I was so excited to hear that this husband and wife team were returning to the video game business. Free from the demands of a publisher, they seek to make a classic role playing adventure game for the PC. From their Kickstarter page:

Hero-U combines the rich character relationships, story and puzzles of a classic adventure game with the exploration and excitement of a role-playing game.  Bringing all these features together makes Hero-U a completely unique game experience.

  • Classic adventure game characters, story, and puzzles
  • All the exploration, skill development, and choices of a classic RPG
  • A rich story that changes based on the way you play
  • Tactical turn-based combat
  • Characters with unique personalities and their own agendas
  • Fun, Funny, and Punny

I was obviously sold the minute I saw that the Coles were behind the project, but I just have to tell you how much detail they put into their games. The descriptions, the puns, the characters are all so rich. It’s strange that I feel more of a connection with one of their very pixelated characters than any 15,000 polygon character from modern games. And the humor! I remember choking on my drink when I inadvertently used the lockpick on my character, and instead of dying from the usual fatal nasal insertion, saw the words: Success! Your nose is now open! I guess I had leveled lockpicking enough! The Quest for Glory series was my surefire way of being cheered up, no matter how many playthroughs.

We’ve seen that there is still demand for classic adventure gaming from the success of the Leisure Suit Larry and Space Venture Kickstarter projects, all from former Sierra designers. Let’s make the final push to get Lori and Corey’s vision created so we can all participate in another masterpiece!

I humbly ask that if you were touched by any of their games or even any adventure gaming in the past, please consider supporting their Kickstarter:

Hero-U Rogue to Redemption

There are only 2 days left!
Thank you!


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