Quest for Glory VGA was my first video game. We didn’t have the luxury of consoles when I was a kid, but we could play on my Dad’s computer. Quest for Glory opened my eyes to adventure gaming, and inspired me to get into digital art.

The town of Spielburg always impressed me . Even though it was only about 12 screens, each one was just so vividly painted that I felt like this town existed somewhere out of time in some lost Germanic forest. It was charming, quirky

I have taken it upon myself to create this world in 3d using the UDK, so I can walk through it and experience it. The world I’ve created is not trying to directly emulate the beautiful painted backgrounds from the original game, but try to come close within the limits of a real-time game engine. Everything you see is still considered to be in its rough stages. A pre-Alpha version.
Here is a bit of what I went through to make it so far:

I gave the game a good playthrough just to get familiar with the setting.

Gorgeous!  How could I even get started with source material this good? I logged all the possible screens in Spielburg and set about figuring out how I was going to build the world. I started with an extremely rough block level in UDK so I could run around and get a sense of proportion.

Immediately I realized I was going to have a huge problem with the scaling of the buildings. I wanted to make my 3d versions of the buildings as close as possible to the paintings. But by having painted backgrounds, they didn’t have to worry about continuity between the inside and outside of the structures. Every building was “Bigger on the inside,” as a crazy man in a box used to say.

I ultimately had to make the sacrifice of complete accuracy to fit each interior into their respective exteriors. I didn’t want any loading screens or any other tricks. I feel like I lost a bit of the charm of some of the buildings, but it couldn’t be helped.


The other task I wanted to accomplish was to create in all the inaccessible areas that the player didn’t need to enter in the original game. A shut door always breeds curiosity, and I longed to see what the inside of that jailhouse looked like! So I decided to go ahead and fill in the rest of the town. Every nook and cranny.  That’s a tall order considering that fans don’t like their original material messed with *cough* George Lucas*cough* I hope that I haven’t ruined it too much for you by modifying it as I have done, but I hope to keep the same feeling alive.

I am still experimenting with the look and feel of the city, and I am still toying with the idea of doing a day/night cycle like the game… but I also want to move on to other parts of the game, such as Erana’s Peace and ‘Enry the Hermit’s cave…

… and of course Rasier. Quest for Glory II knocked my socks off after playing 1, and AGD Interactive’s remake was amazing! I would really love to create the city in the same fashion. Since the city itself is very modular, it should be quicker to mockup and execute.
I will keep updating this section and the blog with further updates as I complete them.

Thank you!


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Awesome work 🙂 you should get lori and corey and make a 3D remake of the game 😀 that would be nice 🙂 maybe another kickstarter project in the future?

  2. Just amazing, I hope you won’t give up now since you’re doing such a great job and I really hope that you will, at the least, do the Town of Mordavia from QFG4 in the future. 😀

  3. Awesome job. Looks great. What program(s) did you use to accomplish this? I’ve been learning about 3d modeling lately and am interested in what you used to do this. If you managed to do it all in UDK I’d be floored as I find it very hard to model efficiently in there. Can’t wait to see more!

    Quest for glory is by far my favorite game of all time. Number 1 and 4 being my favorites. So it’s great to see this. The whole reason I even started learning to model was hopefully one day to be able to model Mordavia, but I’m still years away. Once again great job!

  4. Brilliant. You can feel the essence and soul of Quest for Glory. Dear “LORI & COREY COLE Q&A” help this game to happen 🙂 I’m surepeople all around the world would like to buy such excellent game with exceptional graphics.

  5. Just an idea Jason in regards to the scaling of the Dragons Breath pub building issue.. Possibly a couple of beer barrels/kegs on one or both sides of the entrance door might help to make the building appear more “narrow” like in the original. But just my 2 cents, I’m no expert 3D painter 😉


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