Here are a few pics of the bar. I consider this a bit WIP still, as the lighting will be difficult to nail down in the interior for the day/night cycle.




This is one of the places in QFG that looks empty to me without the people. I will try and add some more seedy looking entertainment / pictures / seating in there. I plan on replacing the fireplace with the coals from the Dry Goods Store. Regardless of the apparent emptiness, I am looking forward to the thieves den.

Thank you for your feedback on the layout of the town. I will be adjusting it slightly to allow for a type of town square with a well. It will appear worn down, as I want to keep up the appearance of a village in its twilight years. I will do this after I have finished the in-game areas around the town. (So many things to make in the Dry Goods store!)




2 thoughts on “Bar

  1. Excellent work there Jason! It looks terrific, definitely capture’s the look and feel.. Brings back some memories..

    I played the Amiga version of this game back in 1990 about a year after it was released. I had an illegal copy of the game lol So I had no game manual. I had played Sierra adventure games before but it was my first RPG. So you can imagine that my 10 year old mind was blown when I saw the day/night cycle for the first time, or when I accidentally discovered the “sneak”, “throw dagger” actions and breaking into the houses after dark or climbing over the town wall for the first time. That game was epic, and I never use that term haha Probably the game that had the most profound gaming impact on my younger days

    Anyways, looking forward to see what you do with the thieves den (one of my favorite areas).. Is this going to be a playable game? I can’t help but imagine what this would look like using the unreal 4 engine haha Oh well, maybe when you remake “Shadows Of Darkness” 😉

    Keep me posted,

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