Images page updated

I have added new content to the Images page. The old images have been removed and replaced with updated versions. Check them out!




The last one is looking towards the blocked mountain pass.


One thought on “Images page updated

  1. Cheers for following my blog mate. I’m a huge fan of both your projects. I’ll have to update my tribute page to your project on my site as these new images look incredible! I just wanna walk through that forest & visit the waterfall and lake like I used to do in both the ega & vga versions. Also plan to trubute your star trek project on my site at some point as i have a unfinished trek gaming section to fill with cool fan projects like yours.

    If I stay on schedule I should be releasing my own qfg4 & star trek tng 3d levels in the next 2 months. I’m not a great artist and the doom engine is ancient (even with the GzDoom enhancements) but I’m proud of the work so hopefully fans will enjoy them! But I and everyone else in the trek & qfg communities are super keen to try your stuff man! Incredible work!

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