Unreal 4 port complete

Greetings! I know a lot of you probably don’t check up here often anymore, because I was a bad person for a few years, but I am actively working on the project again.

I have ported over everything from Unreal 3 to 4, as well as created the layout for the entire game’s locations. It is rather fun to walk around in. I have also added some fun things, such as a functioning day and night cycle. Here is a gif of that in timelapse fashion:


It might take a second to load.

More to come!


6 thoughts on “Unreal 4 port complete

  1. Great to see you’re back working on this again man. Looks awesome! Stupid youtube wouldn’t let me comment on the video.

  2. I would love to see more of this project. Is there any way we could help out? Quest for Glory/Hero Quest is still one of my favorite games. A 3d version would be so cool – but so large that it takes forever with one person doing it.

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